X3 News is a new information product, offered by Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia operated by its wholly-owned subsidiary “Financial Market Service” LTD.

X3 News is developed by a team of highly qualified experts from the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

X3 News is a specialized media, through which the public companies and the other issuers of securities can fulfill their legal obligations for information disclosure to the public according to the Law on public offering of securities.

X3 News guaranties the dissemination of information in a non-discriminative manner ensuring that the information reaches simultaneously the widest possible range of end users.

X3 News is a specialized web page, that meets the requirements of the Law on public offering of securities. The System ensures the release of information in a manner that guarantees safety of the connection, eliminates the risk of data losses, does not allow unauthorized access and guarantees the origin of the regulated information.

X3 News allows publication of other non-regulated information, advertisements, PR messages and others.

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